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Caring for our Environment

We believe in protecting our beautiful environment of Taupo and want to ensure that your children or grandchildren can visit and enjoy it too.

In an effort to increase the sustainability of our facilities, we've implemented the following practices and programs:

Great Lake Taupo Holiday Park is reducing our demand on energy by:

  • Installed low energy light bulbs through-out the park.
  • Energy efficient timers are installed on exterior lighting/motion sensor equipment.
  • Hot water cylinders set between 55-60 degrees to conserve power.
  • Switching off some hot water cylinders during low occupancy times.
  • One facility block running on instant gas hot water.
  • All washing machines plumbed to cold water only.
  • Installed new larger cloths lines for guests to minimize use of dryers.
  • We line dry all our linen requirements for the park units whenever possible.
  • Choosing replacement appliances which are energy efficient models.
  • We and our staff always endeavor to turn off lights or equipment when not needed. You may wish to do the same.


Great Lake Taupo Holiday Park is conserving water by:

  • Installed devices in taps and shower heads to reduce water volume without compromising on quality.
  • 100% dual-flush toilet cisterns through out the park.
  • As we pump our own water, we have set this at forty pound pressure which reduces consumption and power.
  • Using control nozzles on hoses to limit waste and use buckets for washing outside of windows and buildings.
  • We and our staff turn off taps when we are not directly using water. You are welcome to do the same.


Great Lake Taupo Holiday Park is reducing pollution by:

  • Using biodegradable or non-toxic cleaning products. To this extent we are very proud to be using the ‘Ha Ra’ cleaning system through out the park.
  • Moving to the use of biodegradable bin liners in all our units.
  • Disposal of items such as batteries, fluorescent tubes and refrigerators in correct recycling areas at local dump station.
  • Sending unused paint to Resene for safe disposal and/or recycling.

Great Lake Taupo Holiday Park is reducing our waste by:

  • Reducing the amount of waste going to landfill by separating it for recycling. We offer recycling options located through-out the park which we would love you to use. We are proudly associated with ‘Love New Zealand’.
  • Reusing of office paper products.
  • Recycling our shredded paper into our large compost bins.
  • Recycling our old towels into cleaning cloths.
  • Using recycled toilet paper through out the park.
  • Using proper sanitary waste receptacles in main facility block. Reduces waste in drains and blockages.
  • Composting of plant, tree and hedge waste.


Great Lake Taupo Holiday Park understands that we are part of our local community and participate in it by:

  • Offering employment to local Taupo residents first if possible.
  • Educating our staff to commit to environmental sustainability.
  • We try to buy local product in Taupo whenever possible and support local activities/businesses in our reception area as well as in our unit compendiums.
  • We donate old sheets and mattress protectors to the Taupo SPCA.
  • Lost property is donated to the Salvation Army.




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